Closing the Show

The lovely Salome closes out the season.
Hawera has been the showiest of the small daffodils.
Jack Snipe made foliage and failed to appear.
Fruit Cup is a bust.
Many of the late-planted mixed daffodils are still putting out blossoms.
The azaleas are at their peak; the white are already taking leave. Waiting in the wings are poppies, roses and lilies. There’s already an open rose on Knockout, of course, a beautiful cherry red but only a preview of the wonders to come.

Hydrangeas and daylilies will follow the rose/lily show.



  1. janie

     /  March 25, 2009

    I love that ‘Salome’. She is one of my favorites.Unfortunately, she doesn’t return to my garden, so I am very happy that she is sold at Sam’s and WM. They are easily available to replenish, and I don’t mind doing that every year. Just to see her blooming is such a pleasure.Janie

  2. Rose

     /  April 4, 2008

    I can’t believe that you are moving forward with the season and the rest of us are still waiting for it’s arrival. I’m very jealous of your ‘Pink Charm’ daffodils. I ordered some and received large, deep, yellow instead. So much for planning a color scheme LOL.

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