My Favorite Hyacinths

They’re all my favorites.

One year I bought mixed bulbs and separated them by bulb color, planting the dark bluish bulbs together, the reddish bulbs together and the light colored bulbs together. The light colors turned out to be all white. The pinks were mostly Gypsy Queen, which is sold as ‘coral color highlighted with salmon and peach’ and is actually a pink, but not a neon pink.

Hyacinths come up and bloom at different times, early to late, just as daffodils do. They’re influenced by location and weather. Jan Bos and Pink Pearl have bloomed pretty much together in a sunny protected bed. Carnegie, a white, is just starting bloom in two locations. City of Haarlem, a yellow that is more primrose than a daffodil color, is about to bloom. Blue Jacket, pictured above, is opening fast. Lavender Top Hit is sparse this year, several years old and needing fertilizer.

The new hyacinths this year are Delft Blue and China Pink. They are slow because they were planted late and I did not prechill them, depending on the cold spells we get. Sometimes this does not work well and the stems will be too short. They look as if they’re going to be fine this time, just coming out of the ground since the rains. One that I put in a hyacinth glass bloomed very well and is fading now. The second one has a tiny green sprout and very few roots so far, even though they were treated exactly the same.

Some purples that I planted last year had only two blooms, I think voles ate the rest of the bulbs. This year only one came up and it has bloomed already.

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