Where in the Blooming World Are You?

Jodi from Bloomingwriter asked, “Where in the Blooming World Are You?”

  • At the Center of the Southwest Georgia Universe — sixty miles from Tallahassee FL going south, Albany GA is 60 miles to the north; sixty miles from Dothan AL going west. Thomasville GA the Rose City, is 60 miles east. Zone 8.
  • Eastern Standard Time — when our last frost date comes, we’ll be a week into Daylight Saving Time with spring five days away.
  • We garden in sandy loam, using lots of compost. We have to dig a ways to find stones, but they’re under there somewhere. This is the coastal plain; eons ago this was the bottom of the ocean; our rocks have sea fossils.
  • It never snows. Well, maybe a flurry once a century. We do have freezes, but our winter days are generally moderate.
  • If we have dry years, we’re sitting atop the Floridan Aquifer in the land between the Flint and Chattahoochee Rivers.
  • Something blooms year around. We have lots of broadleaf evergreens.
  • When spring comes, it brings Azaleas and Dogwoods.
  • When summer comes, we have Crape Myrtles and Hydrangeas.
  • Fall brings Camellia sasanquas.
  • Winter brings Camellia japonicas and narcissus.
  • Hyacinths start to bloom here in February.
  • I used to mourn for tulips, which are too much trouble to grow here. I finally realized that tulips require lots of preparation and weeks of chilling for 3 days bloom. I can get up to 3 weeks bloom from Iceland poppies.

    1. Nancy J. Bond

       /  March 1, 2008

      I’m glad to learn such interesting facts about your part of the world. I sure envy your hyacinths in February!

    2. Carol

       /  February 14, 2008

      Sounds like a great place, with something blooming all of the time. When do you southern gardeners rest?By the way, I treat my tulips like annuals. They don’t come back reliably the second and subsequent years, so I just yank them when they are done and replant in the fall. It is some bother but the blooms last more than a few days.Carol, May Dreams Gardens

    3. jodi

       /  February 11, 2008

      Great post, Jean! Must be interesting living that close to other states. I think I’d rather have poppies than tulips too, if they only lasted that long. Thanks for taking part.

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