Calendulas for the Herb Garden

Oh, my goodness! I just looked at last year’s photos. By 11/26, calendulas were coming up in the herb garden. I just happened to dig around with the grubbing hoe out there this afternoon because I was there and so was the mattock. Have to find the seeds, post haste.

I replaced 3 rosemary cuttings that did not ‘take’ while the others are firmly in the ground. My hands still smell of rosemary.



  1. Jean

     /  November 11, 2007

    They’s planted, the calendulas. Then I thought about the sweet peas! Next!

  2. janie

     /  November 11, 2007

    You still have time. Calendulas germinate quickly, and by 11/26, you could have them up and standing at attention like the little soldiers they are.

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