Yet Another Armadillo

The trap is set along the edge of the house. They may be trying to tunnel under the house where it will be warm in the winter. As many as we catch, I have visions of the house collapsing into a giant armadillo den if they weren’t dispatched.


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  1. janie

     /  October 24, 2007

    Nell, please don’t think I have abandoned you. I have not.We had a terrible storm Sunday night and it messed up my internet, so now we don’t even have any internet.Then, yesterday, my computer crashed. Totally and completely, I think. It is less than a year old, which complicates things. If it was just old, I could just run out and buy another one, but I need to get Gateway to tell me it doesn’t warrenty this computer first.TISD still has not come to fix the internet.Our program on Garden Junk went very well, and was a lot of fun. Your stickhouse got more comments than any other picture in the bunch, I think.Sorry to post such a personal message here, but this is the only place I can find to contact you. I am at the Extension office, as all the agents are out for the day, and they don’t seem to have email programs on their computers. At least I can’t find it.Janie

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