Little Big Plans

Items Ordered from T&M half price sale:
Papaver paeoniflorum ‘Black Paeony’ & Viola “Bowles Black” — dark blooms for a bright sunny bed.

Papaver nudicale ‘Meadow Pastels’
Viola hybrida Sorbet ‘Yesterday Today And Tomorrow’ F1
Snapdragon ‘Royal Bride’ — these 3 are for the long Rock Bed for spring bloom. White snaps, blue violas and Iceland poppies in citrus shades.

Antirrhinum Tequila Sunrise (free)– Rock Bed with California poppies for next spring

Nasturtium majus ‘St Clements’ & Nasturtium majus ‘Empress Of India’ to plant beside GH for next spring bloom.

Salvia farinacea Victoria — add to existing plants with the orange shades roses.

Salvia Splendens ‘Blaze Of Fire’ (free) & Antirrhinum nanum ‘Black Prince’ — in the Red Bed, timely.

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