Tomato Factory 2016

It’s too hot even with shade cloth to keep much in the greenhouse in summer. I kept 2 tomato plants going but they can’t set fruit above 90ยบ so they just grew vines.

This tomato has bare stems up to 5 feet. Old Leaves turn brown and are cut off. I saw photos of the tomato trees at Epcot and decided I could do that, too.I just opened up a board or two on the shelves so the vine could grow up and be supported. It eventually got taller than the shelving.

Some PVC pipe and a strip of hardware cloth improvised a trellis of sorts for the vines which were falling down among everything else. I did some pruning and now we wait to see if fruit will set when the weather moderates just a little more.

The big tomato in the corner grew in every direction. When I was cleaning the old foliage off, I had to give the vine in front of the fan a haircut where it was growing into the fan blades.

I think it kind of likes growing across and down. I hope we’ll see tomatoes this winter.

Some of the trimmings went into a glass jar to see it they’ll root. The jar went into a cache pot to help stabilize the jar.

Until I get the photos on here, you can view them at my greenhouse blog: